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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  August 3, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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author of "getcheating." that does it for us. "hardball" is up now. fox and friends. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. indecent proposal. not content with dating, a leading tea party candidate wants to marry fox news. sharron angle, the republican senate hopeful in nevada has fox asking her the questions she wants to answer. she wants the right-leaning network to basically lay down for her and let her use it as her election platform. here she is with her preup in demand. >> we needed to have the press be our friend. >> wait a minute, to be our friend? >> well, truly. we wanted them to ask the
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questions we want to answer so they report the news the way we want it to be reported. when i get on a show, and i say send money to sharron angle dot-com. so your listeners will know. >> that's the most incredible 26 seconds in television history for a long time. she thinks a network's job is to set her up to give her the questions she gives the right answers to that she's already written out. amazing stuff. the talk point. then she wants us to serve -- or fox to serve as a way for her to raise money. plus, who is doug, and why is he saying terrible things about joe biden? where does the former governor of virginia come off asking president obama to dump the most loyal guy on his team? and what about putting hillary clinton on the ticket next time?
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wouldn't it may the appearance that obama, a transitional democratic president squeeze between the clintons. an islamic senator is cleared for construction two blocks for the mayor center. what is all the car honking about? isn't new york city for everybody? isn't this america? is ground zero sacred territory for we americans? given what happened on 9/11, just no place nor a mosque. we'll debate the hot one tonight. and now bp has begun killing the hole in the gulf, why is a filibuster more important than the preservation of our country? and let me finish with what many believe are the three scariest words in the english language, president sarah palin. let's start with sharron angle wanting fox to ask her the questions she wants to answer. ryan grim is with the huffington
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post. i am rarely zuned by a comment made by a politician. but this sharron angle, who never ceases to amaze me, may have even stunned karl cameron that proposing to him that he hean his kind, well, certainly fox, ask her the questions that allow her to give her preanswered, or prewritten answers. what do you think of this travesty that she's offering people like fox to participate in? >> fox has already done it. that's what made her comments so unusual and sort of odd that karl cameron rolled his eyes. fox news has been doing that for months for angle. fox news is sort of the opposition party. this is an obvious example. they have candidates on not to interview them or perform journalism, but here, raise money after your appearance and we'll just sort of give you softball questions. so the fact is --
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>> well, that's dating. but i've never heard anybody propose a marriage agreement. she wants it on paper, ryan. she wants fox to say, from now on i'm going to give you the cues, not questions, cues, and you've gotten the written answers already so you can raise money here. what's your thought about this absolute proposal? >> you almost have to feel sorry for sharron angle. she's been treated with kid gloves by the media for so lock. you can almost forgive her for thinking there's an alliance between the two. this isn't the thing that sharron angle needs. i was out in nevada interviewing voters. over and over, people didn't like harry reid. they were upset at their economic circumstances, but they did not want sharron angle because they just kept saying, this woman is crazy. and for her to keep saying these things on camera, because that's what kills you in this media environment. you see these things in a press release or an audio recording.
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you say them on camera, they get played over and over again. >> just so people know we're fair. let's listen again to what sharron angle said to a reputable reporter who looked actually stunned by the idea someone would want this official as an agreement to set her up with this simple question to give her prewritten answers. here it is. that 26 seconds we're not going to forget. >> we needed to have the press be our friend. >> wait a minute. hold on a second. to be your friend. >> well, truly. we wanted them to ask the questions we want to answer so that they report the news the way we want it to be reported. and when i get on a show and i say send money to sharron angle dot-com so your listeners will know if they want to support me, they need to go to sharron >> believe it or not, there's a logical progression for the way this candidate thinks of the role of the media.
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here she is the reason she's doing interviews is to ask for money. the only reason i go on the air is to get the stooge to set her up to raise money. here she is about an month ago. >> when you're on fox news or talking to more conservative outlets but maybe not going on "meet the press" or "this week" those types of show. then the perception is you're avoiding those mainstream media outlets. >> well, in that audience, will they let me see i need $25. go to sharron and send me money? will they let me say that? will i get a bump on my website? you can watch when i go onto the show like that. we ged immediate bumps. >> the purpose of a tv or press interview is to give somebody a
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bump in fund raising. that's the purpose. i guess we're missing out on this. we don't know the new rules. you don't put this in writing. you don't break down the deal like she seems to want to. not information function. they do not see the president being legitimate. this is a statewide candidate that refuses to talk to reporters. these are people who don't think the press represent the people or have any function in our democracy. the press plays a very specific role. they want to delegitimize. >> what does this woman think the role of fox news is? it's to help her candidacy. >> right. and we should be applauding her for her honesty. this is very clearly exactly what she thinks. she thinks fox is there to help
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her candidacy. can you imagine how much fun our political system would be if people were this honest all the time the only thing remotely like this is when scott brown first came to the senate. why are you pushing on this? it's not justify dellty. he named four other banks he was trying to help out in massachusetts. that's the kind of -- that's the kind of honest thety that is just terrific from candidates. >> a great liberal columnist. his great line is a gap in washington is when you tell the truth. i want to ask you a larger thing while i have you on. we looked a the gallup poll, the highest favorability for republican potential candidates if 2010. we don't know who will run. palin, newt, and huckabee. that's the top three. all three are on the payroll of fox as commentators.
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you have to ask yourselves, these people have a lot of opss. are they on there as candidates? are they using fox as a platform the way sharon thinks she can use it as a candidate for later? she's trying to use it openly and flagrantly as a vehicle for election to the united states senate. >> it's the gop convention in waiting for 2012. they're all on the payroll. they want to use it to make ha lot of money. on fox news or books or apeerngss. they have a national audience whenever they want it. they have the fox news recommendation or seal of approval. it's perfect for them. >> do you know a little reporting required here, do either of you gentlemen know if fox has to get the preapproval of the candidates -- they are candidates -- before they put the questions to them on the air? when palin comes on, does she
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get the deal that sharron angle asks for, preapproved questions to give the answer she's written down? do they have to know what the question is? >> my hunch is she didn't know. >> that's why she had the answer written on her hand. she must have had some idea of what was coming. maybe that was a good guess, ryan. you don't know what i'm going to ask you, so you can't put it on your hand. if you have a good hunch, you've only got two friggin hands. she's ready with the left hand already. >> if you remember from the last time, the most recent time but the time before that, what she had written down was her core principle. it's not that she's even -- >> you don't need a base walk left for that. a little palm will do. go ahead. >> what turp talki inyou were t
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earlier is interesting. republicans would go to heritage. democrats would go to graduate schoolings. they would go to brookings. it seems to be fox is the new place for the republican government in exile. let's look at sarah palin. la little bit of what we're talking about here. you do this for a living. where are we headed? how far will the candidates go to expect fox to do their bidding and set them up as stoojs asking them prearranged questions. >> fox is going it all the time? they're having politicians all the time. we're going to see it in the run up to november. they're going to have their hand pick selection of golden candidates they want to win in the fall. they're going to have those people in all the time.
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they pick who they want to win. they have them in all the time. >> victoria jackson talking about different foundations in makeup. they were basically a joke. one person asking another person, so how do you like our makeup product? then they do this for like an hour that's what it reminded me of. sharron angle wants to be an in infomercial. fox is a political operation that employs some good journalists. lime carl cameron. they have plenty of final journalists. overall they're a well produced political operation. it's disappointing to people like cameron. you saw the look on his face. he's like, are you kidding me?
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>> you know there's real journalists working out there. the whole culture is based on what sharron angle wants and demands to be getting along the way. thank you very much. interesting segment about where we're at in terms of media. coming up, a few conservatives are going into the idea that president obama should dump joe biden and replace him with hillary clinton next time around. secretary of state. now a high profile democrat, former governor of virginia is pushing this argument on print. he wants a replacement here. he'll explain that when he comes on next. you're watching "hardball." of management, you'll have a professor with you every step of the way. whether you take classes on campus, online, or both, you get the same attention, the same curriculum, and the same quality. 85 locations nationwide and online.
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welcome back to "hardball." former virginia governor wrote a piece monday for politico with the headline "obama/clinton ticket for 2010". can all the political ills be laid at biden's feet? no, but obama must make a wholesale change. the vice president should not be immune. clinton is better fitted as the partner that obama needs. and the news journal in wilmington delaware slapped that story on the front page with the headline dump biden, former virginia governor urges obama.
5:18 pm
robert gibbs says he is and will continue to be a trusted partner for president obama. so what's this all about? the governor joins us now from richmond. governor water, why would you do something about a fellow democrat? you basically said dump biden. >> what i basically said is if obama wants to wind, then he needs to evaluate everybody. you've been talking about him all day. please, ma'am are saying the country is in the wrong direction. people are saying the president's poll numbers are going down. people are without jobs. they're looking for help. everything needs some start. the one thing in politics we know, one word definition, money. the other thing is the game is winning. what does the president need to do to win? i would seriously question if hillary would challenge
5:19 pm
president obama, recognizing what the candidate did. neither one would have been able to -- >> would you back her if she did? would you back her if she did? >> at this point -- at this point i have supported the president. i've supported him over her when she ran. i have said nothing to indicate i would change that support for the president. what i am trying to do is say she's been a good and loyal partner. look at those poll numbers. >> i'm talking to a very successful politic. you're the first african-american governor of virginia. you're a trail blazer. let me ask you this question. it's so easy to answer. if he were to do what you recommend, he would basically be saying, look forward, hillary clinton is going to run for president in 2016. she'll run. she'll have eight years. i'm going to be a lame duck transitional president in the way between the two clinton
5:20 pm
presidencies somewhere. that's not exactly the transformational democratic presidency he's promised. >> he's not had two years yet, chris. he's not even had two years yet. so he's got another two years, plus four years. that's six years for him to put -- >> when do you want him to make this announcement? >> oh, he's got time. i don't expect him to make this decision within the next six months or the next year or so. this suggests that there's a time to consider what's necessary for winning. i think if you look at it. >> what do you do with the body, governor? what do you do with the body? you're killing this guy politically. >> the president can speak to him about it. let me ask you a question. do you think joe biden could run for president and win? >> no. not now. he ran and lost. >> and if that's the case, then why would you want to to keep
5:21 pm
him around for four more years, and at the end of that time -- >> okay, that's what i think you're saying. thank you for making it clear. you're saying this president, barack obama, would have it in his interest to name his successor, hillary clinton. >> that's exactly right. you got it. as you always do. >> i know what i'm doing here, governor. and you're a great guy. thank you for letting me know where you stand. you want hillary to be president. and you want this president -- here's my last question. really short. you don't think hillary clinton would accept the same role that joe biden has now? it would be more of a coalition partnership presidency if she were in the job, right? >> i think the ultimate question is if she would accept four more years as secretary of state. i don't see her doing that. how do you fill that position? >> i think she's been great. look, i'm going to join the fan club. i think she's been great. she's a great secretary of state.
5:22 pm
thank you for causing trouble on "hardball." >> i like him, too. >> we fish in troubled waters, governor. thank you for coming on. john hamam covers politics. you start whispering this in certain corners and you're going to make the delaware democrats like biden, scranton democrats, all the people like biden upset at dumping the most lisle guy on the team, you may say. >> it's true. the thing i think he's wrong about he made a point of him being a liability. they love biden over there. i think the president and biden are very close. i don't think there's an active consideration about this. they won't be thinking about dumping biden. the answer to your question, chris, about what do you do with the body is this would be portrayed as the big job switch. you would have joe biden, who arjly wanted to be secretary of state more than he wanted to be
5:23 pm
vice president. he would be saying look, i've done three years, four years, three and a half years as vice president. i'm ready to be secretary of state now. hillary clinton would make the switch over. you can see the political advantages. i think governor wilder is right about and i know you see. it's possible in 2012, what president obama will need most of all, is to be able to connect to a set of voters, particularly white working class and rural voters, and there would be no bigger asset than not just hillary clinton on the ticket but having both of them out. >> even if it means laying the ground work for a clinton seat. >> i think she's going to run in 2016 no matter what. and she's going to -- she's going to run in 2016. she's going to -- right now the schedule for her is, she will do four years and four years only for secretary of state. and if she is an outgoing secretary of state, a lame duck secretary of state in 2012, she won't be in the political position to help obama. she'll do something like becoming the chancellor at the
5:24 pm
university of iowa to set herself up to run for 2016. so obama is faced with the notion of clinton following him anyway. why not making the best of this? >> we all hear people deny that. >> of course, we do. >> i think it's fascinating. she would help him in pennsylvania and ohio. the general election of 2012 looks like a nail biter, closely run, it will have to be, you're right. and they've got to win the the old democratic states the clintons are dominant in. indiana, ohio, pennsylvania, et cetera, et cetera, new york. joe biden has got to be happy with it. he's got to have a shil on his face. he's got to say i can't wait to be secretary of state. convincingly. if this ever happens. >> he could say that, chris. as you know, before obama urged him to become vice president, picked him, that's what biden had his eye on. he wanted to be secretary of state. he's wanted to be sec stair of
5:25 pm
state his whole life. on the question of what happens in 2012, you're right. it's going to be a nail biter. barack obama won 42% of the white voter. better than john kerry. better than al gore in 2000. he's right now running at 35% approval rating with the white vote. he can't win the presidency with 35% of the white vote. he needs to do something to solve the problem. joe biden is good with those people. hillary clinton and bill clinton are better. >> this will be the ultimate example of president obama being a transitional president. thank you. congratulations. i was jt at the reagan library. nancy reagan loves your book. she says, ronnie would have loved it, too. >> mark and i love nancy reagan. that's very nice of you to say. >> i'm always nice to you.
5:26 pm
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back to hardball. now to the side show. marceaux of the late night debut. he's the republican who wants to get rid of gun permits and let everyone carry. mr. marceaux just escalated. last night he said people should be required to bear arms. here he is on jimmy kimmel. >> you believe everyone should carry guns? >> that's correct. after reading the constitution, it says we have the right to bear arms against our government. >> right.
5:30 pm
would people be required to bear arms? >> if they didn't have one, they couldn't represent themselves to protect themselves against the government. >> you would find them? >> investigated out in the street. hey, let me show you your gun. if they don't have one, i'm going to fine them $10. >> he wants everyone to have a gun, be forced by law to have a gun, and use it if necessary against the government. he wants people to have the right to carry the guns against the government. he wants the entire population to be an arms and militia standing guns loaded. he wakes the makings. next, here he goes again. kentucky nominee for president rand paul is against federal mine safety regulation in principle. he said the mines should be in charge of their own safety. here's what he said when asked about deadly mining accidents like the horrific one. the bottom line is i'm not an
5:31 pm
expert. don't give me the power in washington to be making rules. you live here. you have to work in the mines. if you know what i'm thinking, that no one will apply for these jobs. this guy simple. government is unnecessary. he's a true libertarian. rand paul. you may see he's an extreme one. how many americans now say the war in afghanistan is a mistake? number is going up 43%. five percentage point jump from a few weeks ago. 43% now and rising think 9 president bush was wrong to take the country in afghanistan. president obama was wrong. tonight's big, pretty bad number. up next a muz lick groups planning to build an islamic center in new york city gets one step closer. some 9/11 families are outraged. next.
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this is your cnbc market wrap. stocks pulling back on a mixed rally of earning reports. the dow jones falling 38 points. the s&p 500 down five points and nasdaq down 12 points. still coming up short on expectations. dow chemical missing on profit but speeding on revenue. and pfizer shares are up. cbs is reporting after the closing bell and both beating expectations on the top and bottom line. electronic art shares are surging after a rather unusually strong forecast.
5:36 pm
and in economic news, consumer spending were flat in june. a record low. that is it from cnbc. we are first in business worldwide. now it is back to hardball. welcome back to "hardball," a plan to build an islamic center was approved today. is this center an insult to 9/11 victims and their families, or would it actually counter islamic extremism? dan is a poster of the location of the muslim center. senior council of the foreign relations. dan x thank you for joinging us. scott stringer is the manhattan bureau president. let's start what i would call the tolerant position.
5:37 pm
then we're go to the more ferocious position. i think we could agree on that. mr. stringer, why would you want to allow what appears to be a provocative move by a this group where 3,000 americans were killed? >> first of all, this issue has gotten blown way out of proportion. it's amazing sarah palin and the extreme right wing have seized this issue. in reality this institution is operated in and around ground zero for close to 30 years. the reality is we are simply talking about a plan to create a peaceful expansion of a building that they own. what are we supposed to do? seize the property and throw them out? then the terrorists win. we're better than this. this is new york city where we expect feel to live among people of different background and have
5:38 pm
a sense of tolerance. i can't believe this issue has gotten to this point that sarah palin and the people who want to buy this country are getting away with this. but i think today's landmarking commission decision, i think makes it very clear where new yorkers stand. and it's about a proposal for a peaceful center. that's why all of us are rallying behind this. >> dan, it seems to me the middle east is torn apart over particular sites. like the bern wall and the islamic sites. that's what war is all about. this particular site, that particular site. this bit of geography is fought over biblical reasons. now we're bringing that thinking over to america where particular sites or geographers gain a religious significance, and we fight over them almost to the death. that's what i wonder about. are we borrowg from the middle east and getting spoo that kind of warfare over block by block
5:39 pm
religious disputes? >> no, chris. >> why is not the same thing? >> well, it's not limited to the middle east. there was this example in the 1980s when a group of nuns took over an abandon building. they had the legal right to do so. they had the freedom. and they had good motives. the pope said you probably do have the right to do this, but it doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. we probably agree there are national figures in the country that have shed more heat and light on the issue. but for you to say it's about sarah palin and not about new yorkers. in my neighborhood, i love in this neighborhood where the mosque would go up. a lot of people are upset about it. the polls show overwhelmingly a majority of new yorkers are against this. it doesn't mean authorities have the legal right to stop it. i'm not suggesting it. >> what are you doing this for? >> there are leaders like you
5:40 pm
and me who may respectfully disagree -- >> but why are you doing in. >> can i make a point here? >> but i want to know why you're doing this? >> because i think there's an opportunity for national political figures and city and state political figures. mayor bloomberg to step forward and approach and say, look, we understand your objectives. we understand what you are trying to do. you're objectives are good. your motives are good. we just think you are going to undermine them. you are provoking something that could wind up being divisive. this will be a step back for new york. >> this is not about having a flight conversation with iman. this is not about the political game that is being found around the country. you work in lower manhattan.
5:41 pm
the people wanted to rebuild a community, a community that speaks to the issue of tolerance, about social acceptance. this proposal is just simply about how to create a issue in the country. >> scott -- >> let me just finish. i'm a fan of yours. i'm starts your book tonight. but you are becoming a divisive force. they've been down there for 27 years. they've been there much longer than your family. >> two years from now when this thing is up, and it will be up, it will be there. legally they have the right to do it. two years from now what difference does it make? you were saying in your article that they're going to be celebrating this is a victory for islaislam? who is going to celebrate this? >> let me say this, there are radical groups.
5:42 pm
you can spend times on the websites of radical terrorist groups with al qaeda affiliates and other extremists around the world. they celebrate imbollic and emotional events they interpret as setbacks for america. let me finish, chris. >> i want to ask you a question. no, because you just keep talking. how can tolerance be seen as a defeat. there are plenty of people in the neighborhood who share my view. >> and a lot of people don't share your view. that's why the local community listened to everybody and voted overwhelmingly. by the way, none of us support terrorism.
5:43 pm
none of us are -- we worried about 9/11 security funding. we worry about 9/11 responders. that's what we should be talking about. you're wasting everybody's time. we should be more policed, more security in the country. bring resources into new york city and lower manhattan to protect the city. that's the issue. >> why don't you and i get together. there are a lot of leaders. business liders, civic leaders in new york city who represent the divide. let's get them together and say let's leave the differences aside and let's go sit down and say, you have the right to do this. you have the resources to do this. >> and when he says -- >> are you going to let me finish? i let you filibuster. >> this is not about having a conversation -- >> okay. >> why not give him the chance?
5:44 pm
>> okay. let him make his comments. dan, your proposal is for another meeting. after the meeting is over, what do you want to do? >> let's just -- >> i think there is the potential for leaders across the political spectrum in new york to say your motives are gad. some believe your motives are pure. >> okay. a meeting is fine. >> palin and the political operatives that are making -- >> people who live in my neighborhood, scott. >> they were invited to meetings. hundreds of people came to the local meeting and overwhelmingly voted for the proposal. people in your neighborhood said we need more police. we need more security. >> scott, scott -- it's not like you can have one and not the other. all the issues are compatible with one another. >> thanks for coming on.
5:45 pm
thank you mr. president, scott stringer. up next, more oil leaks in the gulf of mexico than anyone thought. a lot more. nearly five million barrels. now they are trying to increase safety in offshore wells. why can't the senate do something when they have this kind of point of departure to change the drilling rule? this chair smells. we gotta wash this thing, now. wash it?! [ male announcer ] there's a better way to get rid of odors. for all the things you can't wash, freshen it with febreze. to eliminate odors and leave a fresh scent. [ sniffs ] whoa. febreze. it's a breath of fresh air. the world's first 100% custom, invisible, digital, and fully programmable hearing aid, loaded with today's most advanced hearing technologies,
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back to "hardball." the gulf oil spill may soon be permanently over. a static kill procedure has begun and could be the final step in killing the well completely. now it's up to congress to pass laws ensuring a catastrophe doesn't happen like this again. i think, but we have news today the senate will leave for recess without voting on a reform bill. the country has endured and the. smart move. john hofmeister is author of "why we hate the oil companies." maybe, this is why we hate the senate. john, first of all, this cap
5:50 pm
that they built, they had to build it, the one that's working apparently. why didn't they have that, or where was it 106 days ago, this little cap that's neatly going to solve the problem? where was it? >> it was just an idea 100 days ago. it had to be engineered, designed, tested before it could be applied. there's no requirement to have this cap on the ready, so to speak. >> yeah. >> and there would be no knowledge that they would need such a cap if the blowout protector had not been faulty and had done its job, and so the kind of precipitous action which the house took, which the senate was on the verge of taking, i think is going to do serious damage to both the president and the democratic majority. >> okay. i think we may have our first big disagreement, job. let's take a look at the four things they were thinking about doing. it seems to me they have to clean up the mess at mms, the subsidiary over at interior that has not done the job of regulating. are you saying we shouldn't clean up the regulatory aspect of this? >> we don't need a bill to do that.
5:51 pm
that should just be done. that's the executive branch's responsibility to run an agency properly, and if they ran it improperly, whether republican or democratic, they can fix it without legislation. >> so all that sexual favors and partying back and forth between regulator and regulatee should have been stopped executive-wise. don't need a bill. >> fire the people, fire them. >> i think they did move them out. giving subpoena power to the investigating committee. isn't that something we ought to have to the investigating committee to find out what happened here and what went wrong? >> i agree with subpoena power, yes. >> okay. number three, they were supposed to have a detailed responsible plan when they started drilling this well. now you said they didn't have this cap 106 days ago. why didn't they have the cap that they said -- you say the blowout was sufficient, but every time i talk to ian expert he said don't blame machinery for management decisions. if it got to the blowout protector something was done wrong long before that that led to the catastrophe and they
5:52 pm
should have prepared for that being done wrong because they weren't that proficient. >> that's why there's three levels of redundancy in the blowout protector. i've never seen such incompetent management, whether it's transocean or bp, we still have to find out, that would allow these kinds of redundancies to be obliterated in their own blowout protector, irresponsible and incompetent and the court may decide it's neglect. >> tony hayward is being rewarded by being sent over at bp, running the so vote combo over there. that's interesting. maybe the russians will meet somebody who is fun to work with. one last one here. this cap, the cap. what do you make of the cap? i know that they have talked about a $20 billion contingency fund to handle some of the 5 billion barrels of oil out there, but do you think that's something that should be fixed, the fact that it's only $75 million that bp would at least under the law have to pay out in this kind of catastrophe? >> i think the situation has to be -- i think the administration has actually handled it very
5:53 pm
well regardless of the $75 million cap because they have got bp to commit not only $20 billion but whatever else it takes to clean up the gulf. i think there's plenty of -- of bully pulpit and moral responsibility that can be used. eliminating $75 million cap basically shuts all the small guys out of the industry, and they are toast. and then we're back to bigger and bigger oil who have the means to manage this. i think it's ill thought through, and i think it needs more time, and the rush to do something before the holiday, i think was just not a good use of legislative time. >> last question. 5 million barrels in the gulf. will it evaporate? how much will be left there for posterity to just muck up that body of water forever? >> i think the real danger is in the marshes, and that's going to be there for probably two to three years. with respect to the body of water, i think the oil is going to be largely gone within 8 to 12 months. >> okay. thank you, john hofmeister. you're making it very san quinn
5:54 pm
tonight and maybe that's the right way to be after we've capped this well. john off miter, formerly of shell and great author jirkts when we return, let me believe with what many people believe are the three scariest words in the english language. president sarah palin. you're watching "hardball" only on msnbc. in a spot reserved for me. it's got 26,000 miles on it now, but i'm gonna take it to a thousand million. [ male announcer ] when you own a certified pre-owned mercedes-benz, chances are they'll own it one day, too. which is why it undergoes such a rigorous inspection to meet our uncompromising standards. one day, i'm gonna drive this to vegas. [ male announcer ] hurry in to your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for 1.99% financing during our certified pre-owned sales event through august 31st. you struggle to control your blood sugar. you exercise and eat right, but your blood sugar may still be high, and you need extra help. ask your doctor about onglyza, a once daily medicine used with diet and exercise to control high blood sugar
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let me finish tonight with the fact that for tens of millions of americans, and not just democrats, the scariest three words in the english
5:58 pm
language are president sarah palin. those words could, if events go a certain way, get a hell of a lot scarier. i've noticed how palin has been positioning herself as the christian woman in national republican politics this. gives her incredible leg up in the first in the country iowa republican caucuses where the reverend pat robertson once triumphed. the shape of the 2012 republican presidential field in the iowa caucuses would be sarah palin against a field of republican men, and with the possible exception of mike huckabee, all more secular than she is. the results, the christian woman beats out the four or five men running somewhere to her left. no one gets to her right, and as long as nobody does, this lone woman in the republican field, the one openly running as a religious fundamentalist beats the competition, hands down. get this number into your head. sarah palin's latest gallup poll favorable rating among republican voters nationwide is 76%. by far the highest of any contender.
5:59 pm
so she wins iowa. next, new hampshire. even if mitt romney outpolls palin in the granite state it will be a fact dismissed by the national political press, boston is nearby and home base for the massachusetts governor. next, palin trucks down to south carolina where she made nikki haley governor and wins among religious fundamentalists, another win in palin country, an increasingly wide expansion in republican politics. now for the knockout. palin has said michigan where romney's father was governor was overlooked by republicans last time. she started her book tour there. republican women who lined up to buy "going rogue" are her first round of investors. with two or three men besides romney still appearing on the ballot, she pulls it out in michigan. now anything is possible at this point. nominated in tampa, florida, and the republican national convention in an economy that might still be shaky, the political situation of this country becomes frighteningly dicy. all can i say is i remember how


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